Uploading And Sharing Files in cloud is Even Simple!

Upload files from your device or use a URL. Our service will generate a download link for your website.

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Add Your Domain & Subdomain Generate download links

To get readable download links for files on your website, use your domain and subdomain name. You may enter as many domains as you wish.


Connect Your Backblaze Account

You may link your Backblaze account. It will make it easier for you to upload files to your B2 account.

Best Features

Readable download links

You will be able to generate download links for your files that are simple, short, and readable.

Saves your bandwidth

If you only have a limited amount of storage space, you can upload files to our public store. It will make it simple to share your file in a efficient manner.

Easy file management

Keep track of files and make changes as needed. You can easily view, update, and delete files.